Children are learning languages the Babblebox way!

Published by Matt Mason,

Children are learning languages the Babblebox way!

Babblebox caught our eye as a playful and engaging way for children to learn languages.  We reached out to them so we could share their product with you.

Hola, bonjour, ciao! from Babblebox

The ability to speak a second language is a valuable skill that offers a whole host of lifelong benefits.  But did you know that childhood is the very best time to learn?

Young children have an innate ability to absorb and understand the complexities of language.  We’ve all heard and even used the phrase, ‘young children are like sponges’.  Well, with languages, it’s true.  

Children leaning a language with Babblebox

Children can take so much in while they’re young  

Never again will it be this easy or natural for them to learn.  

And the best way to learn is to spend time listening to and speaking the language every day.  However, in most cases, that just isn’t possible.  You can use a few child-focused apps, but – let’s face it – kids don’t need another reason to use their screens!

At Babblebox, we believe that the best way to learn is by having fun – reading stories, playing games and being creative.

What is Babblebox?

Babblebox is a new monthly language subscription box for kids.  Crammed with fun activities, stories and resources, each box is available in French, Spanish and Italian.

Babblebox is perfect for kids aged 6-11-years, although younger children will also benefit – with a bit of support from their grownups!

What’s included?

Every month, you’ll receive:

Leaning a language materials from Babblebox
  • An original illustrated storybook following the adventures of Jack, Sophia, Clemmie and the rather unusual friends living at the bottom of their garden!!
  • A fun-packed activity book that will keep them occupied for hours
  • Colourful, easy-to-use flashcards featuring that month’s new words
  • Pronunciation guide (handy for the grownups!)
  • Crafts, colouring sheets, recipes and more
  • The occasional freebie
  • Weekly activities are sent by email so you can carry on learning throughout the month

Subscribers also benefit from access to a dedicated YouTube channel so that children can hear the story and flashcards read out loud.

Where can I sign up?

The first Babblebox will be delivered this summer, and we are taking pre-orders right now.  

In addition, we can offer a 25% discount on all subscriptions for a limited time.   This offer will only be available for another couple of weeks, so be quick!

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Try before you buy

Available from the Babblebox website, download a free ‘colours’ activity pack

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