Developing and Maintaining Your Nannying Skills With Paul Moore

Published by Matt Mason,

Developing and Maintaining Your Nannying Skills With Paul Moore

We have thousands of nanny profiles on our site with a wonderful array of nannying skills.

From the highly experienced career nannies with a broad base of knowledge.  Right through to new nannies who are building their nannying skills and growing into their childcare careers.

To support the development of all nannies – but particularly nannies that are new to the industry – we’ve partnered with Paul Moore to offer an array of bespoke training programmes, all designed to develop and maintain your core nannying skills.

Paul is an experienced training manager, programme developer and facilitator.

Introducing Paul

Paul Moore leading the AoN Nanny Skills training


My name is Paul, and I’ve worked in the childcare industry for over 24 years. 

During that time, I’ve had various roles, including; Childcare Consultant for a tour operator and a Residential Worker in children’s homes. I currently work as a CPD Manager for Busy Bees Education and Training, which I am tremendously passionate about.

Paul’s nannying skills and experience

The role which will always have a place in my heart was my role as Sole Charge Nanny for two amazing boys when I lived in London.  Although I stopped working with the family more than 12 years ago, I still see the boys regularly.

Paul More with his two charges

Nannying is special, so it needs a special approach.

Nannying is special as although it is a childcare role, it also requires a unique set of nannying skills that differ from those required in other childcare roles.

Although I no longer work directly with children, I am still involved in childcare as I develop and facilitate various childcare training courses. 

A bespoke programme designed to develop nannying skills

Inline Nanny Training Hub for developing nannyskills logo

‘The opportunity to work alongside Matt and Army of Nannies is tremendously exciting.  I am keen to share my knowledge and offer training. Furthermore, the training will be interactive, concise and informative with the hope of empowering each Nanny – at whatever stage in their career – to be their best.’

When and where will they take place?

We will offer online training sessions on evenings and weekends to ensure it is accessible outside of work hours. And I intend to offer sessions – that last no more than two hours – at an affordable cost.

Each course will cost just £12 to attend. And attendees will receive a full copy of the course materials and a certificate to evidence attendance and their commitment to CPD.

Nanny Testimonial

I found the course really helpful. I love that it’s delivered by hands-on practitioners that can share real-life experiences, and I would definitely recommend and attend more in the future.  Nanny Latoya

What next…?

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If this is of interest, head to the Army of Nannies’ Facebook Page

This page will share all the training events and advise how to sign up.

Sharpen your nannying skills with the first wave of courses

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Discover the planned four courses and how you can register your interest.

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