Meet Beanstalk – Making Saving Simple

Published by Matt Mason,

Meet Beanstalk – Making Saving Simple

Beanstalk is a revolutionary app that makes saving for yourself and your children simple.

It’s breaking down barriers parents usually face when trying to put money away for their kids’ futures by giving you an easy to use app that is packed with tools to help you build their nest egg.

How Beanstalk started

Launched by the team behind KidStart, they’ve been helping parents save for their children for over 12 years.  

The co-founders, who are parents themselves, saw how confusing, poor value and hard to open savings products could be for families wanting to save for their children, and it sparked them to launch Beanstalk.

Julian Robson, the co-founder of Beanstalk and KidStart, said: ‘From talking to parents with KidStart, we could see that the savings market for kids was broken.  

Almost every new parent wants to put something aside for their children to help launch them into adult life, but very few do.’

The Beanstalk team wants to change this and make saving to build a nest egg possible for all families, whatever their shape or budget.

What makes saving with Beanstalk different?

  • You can open a Beanstalk Junior ISA and ISA for yourself and your children in minutes through the app.
  • You don’t have to commit to regular contributions unless you want to.  And you can make top-ups whenever you want, making it friendly to your finances
  • It’s easy for friends and family to gift money directly to your kids using their personalised and secure app or using our unique gift links
  • Earn money back on your shopping at over 2,000 retailers and round up your purchases to your child’s Beanstalk account
  • Low fees and two simple funds to invest in, their unique slider tool lets you decide between them
  • If your child has a CTF or stocks & shares JISA already, they make it easy to switch

Start saving for yourself and your children with Beanstalk

Click the button to find out more and download the app:

Beanstalk - Making Saving Simple - 5 start Trustpilot score

Please note your capital is at risk.  As with all investments, the value may go up as well as down.
Beanstalk is a trading name of KidStart Limited, authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (# 473606).

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