Nannies, we are different, so give different a try

Published by Matt Mason,

Nannies, we are different, so give different a try

Recently, we took a little heat for claiming to be ‘the agency that doesn’t get in the way’.  And for being different to more traditional agencies. 

The nanny agency that doesn't get in the way

Guess what, nannies.

We DON’T get in the way. 

And we ARE different.

How are we different? 

When a nanny creates a profile on Army of Nannies, we present them with tailored lists of positions to review. We do this in something called a Vacancy List.

Nannies can then choose – for themselves – the positions to apply for by shortlisting them with the press of a button. It’s that simple.

If a family with full membership accepts your invitation to connect, a direct connection is made.  We don’t get in the way. 

With us, it’s your search in your hands?

If you have the skills a role demands, why wouldn’t we let you choose whether or not to try and connect to that role? Anything else is getting in your way.  And we don’t do that.

And we often read comments from nannies about being held back from positions they felt were a great fit. But we think the family should decide your fit for their role.  

After all, you’re a professional nanny.  You know your skills, and you can see your hopeful fit for a position.

A nanny quote showing how we are different

And if the family don’t recognise that fit, they’ll just politely decline the introduction. 

To try different, create your FREE AoN profile

Invest ten minutes in creating your Army of Nannies’ profile, and we won’t hold you back.

If you see a role in your Vacancy List, and it grabs your attention – then put your best foot forward and directly invite the family to check out your profile. 

Pow banner - to show we are different

And if the family don’t reply after three days, give them a nudge at the press of a button. 

It’s your search in your hands. 

As we are different, we know we’re not for everyone.  But we might be just the ticket for you and your next family to find each other. And, as it’s free to create a profile, what’s to lose?
Army of Nannies: the agency that IS different and doesn’t get in the way.

Still need convincing?

Here’s a short video to explain what we’re about.

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