New World Nannies Survey

Published by Matt Mason,

New World Nannies Survey

Is ‘New World Nannies’ a thing? Just how has COVID-19 changed the way nannies and families in the UK are working together today?

We’re doing some research to see how nannies’ role is changing.

Below is a short survey (it takes under 5-minutes) for nannies and families with nannies. Thank you.

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Sharing the results

If you leave your details within the survey we’ll make sure we share with you the New World Nannies headline findings.

Looking for some support?

I think it’s fair to say 2020 has been a shocker of a year.

If you’re a nanny that’s struggling or need advice with a particular issue we highly recommend visiting one of the nanny groups on Facebook. They have highly active communities of nannies who are willing to guide and help you.

If you’re a family looking for guidance as an employer, we recommend you call NannyPaye. Their friendly and experienced team members will give you sound advice and support.

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New World Nannies Press

If you would like to see the results to share within a publication, please contact and we’ll get right back to you.

Take our #GoGross quiz

If this survey has got you in the mood, we have a quiz you might be interested in.

The #GoGross quiz is for families and nannies and (hopefully) playfully tests your smarts on tax, NI and why talking in gross terms is so important when it comes to nannies pay.

If you feel like giving it a go, click the link below.

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