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We are an online nanny finding service.

What we’re about

We believe that for the family and nanny relationship to work, there has to be a strong match. One where hopes and expectations are understood and embraced from day one, on both sides..

A nanny is, after all, an extension of the family unit and their charges are precious. If the fit isn’t right, there is little chance of that relationship being a happy, productive and long-lasting one.

For families For nannies

Better matches for families and nannies

We hope to build on existing online services by getting under the skin of what you’re looking for. Then, through our digital brain, we match the families and nannies that are looking for each other.

We will never make an introduction without being able to explain why we think there is a strong fit. Equally, we’re honest about any notable differences and where they may lie. With this openness at the forefront, we are able to make confident introductions and start conversations.


An agency approach in an online world

For us, it’s about bringing a little of the agency personalisation and care into the online world. Instead of sending hundreds of ‘maybe’ emails, we present tailored lists of accurate matches, saving both time and energy for all.

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How it works

Create your free online profile, then set your availability and wait for our digital brain to do the rest. You will shortly start receiving notifications on your personalised dashboard to follow up on.

We have also enabled nannies to download a free professionally designed CV, to print out for any interviews they’ve secured from their search.

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Why not take some valuable time out and start creating your profile? Try to really define what you’re about and what you’re looking for in your next position. All we need after that is a little time to make some accurate and happy matches for you.