Our pricing

Our pricing explained:  It’s free to create a profile and search on our platform.

Families must join the site when they want to message jointly approved nannies or NannySitters™.

Our chargeable services are:

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Families Contacting Appproved Nannies

When a family wants to contact a jointly approved nanny (or nannysitter), they need to select a membership option:

Families can secure the contact details of a single approved nanny for £6

Or join for a set period of membership:
– £15 for 7 days
– £45 for a month (30 days)
– £65 for 3 months (90 days)

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Families Can Boost Their Search

If you need to find a nanny quickly, families can boost their search:

A boosted search benefits from its own social ad campaign and secures the most prominent positions within match lists.

A one-week boost = £12
A two-week boost = £20
NB: Boosting a search does not alter the matching process.

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Nanny Finding & NannySitters™

Nannysitting is exclusive to Army of Nannies.

Secure ad hoc childcare from our nannies and create a local network of NannySitters™.

A single membership fee accesses all services – nanny finding and nannysitting.

The Early Bird Offer

All families have the opportunity to take up an Early Bird offer – £60 for 3 months of site membership

This offer is only available for 24-hours from sign-up and secures a year of full membership across full-time, part-time and NannySitting searches.

The offer is found at the top of the match list.

Stripe delivers secure payments for Army of Nannies

We’ve partnered with Stripe, the UK’s leading and most reliable online payment provider, to manage our payments process.

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Are Army of Nannies site transactions safe?

Yes. Our transactions are managed by Stripe, which has very strong security.

As a PCI Service Provider Level 1, Stripe offers the highest possible level of payment processing security. ☑ Stripe is encrypted. This ensures the security and integrity of information by encrypting all credit and debit card numbers. In short, Stripe exceeds the industry standards.

Does Army of Nannies hold my card information?

No. Stripe is our payment process partner. They manage all transactions so every transactional element falls within their rigorous and well-established online security protocols – please see the question above for more details.

Is it free to create profile on Army of Nannies?

Yes, it’s free for families and nannies to create a search profile.

Families only pay when they want to contact jointly approved nannies or NannySitters. Or when a family wants to boost an urgent search.

What prices do you charge?

We are free for nannies.

Families can purchase packages which unlock messaging to jointly approved nannies – be that a nanny or a nannysitter search.

Prices range from £6 for a single nanny’s contact details to £65 for 3 months of membership – across which you secure the contct details of all approved nannies.

All of our family packages are clearly listed at the top of this page.

Families can also boost an urgent search with a bespoke ad campaign for either £12 for a week or £20 for two weeks.

Create your free profile and view your matches today.

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Benefits for families

Receive tailored match lists of nannies that meet your specific search criteria.

Manage the entire process through an easy to use dashboard.

View detailed nanny profiles and see how well they match your search:
– Invite the nannies of most interest into your interview process
– Accept or decline nannies that show interest in your role

Better matches, happier families and nannies.

Benefits for nannies

The service is free for nannies.

Get matched to families who fit your search criteria and who need you!

Manage the process through an easy-to-use dashboard and control your own search.

Shortlist the roles of most interest. And accept or decline invitations to connect from searching families.

It all starts with your profile.
To get matched, sign up and create your free profile.