Our products and pricing

Right now, all our services free of charge.

When we do start charging, families will only pay to make connections with the nannies they are most interested in meeting.

Both families and nannies – with an urgent search – will also be able to boost their profiles with a localised mini ad campaign.

Our three main chargeable services will be:

Catroon image of a family hoping to find a nanny

Families Connecting with Nannies

When a family finds a nanny who they would like to connect with, they will spend an ‘Intro Token’ to fulfil this.

These tokens will sit in the personalised dashboard and can be purchased in bundles within the site.

Only one token will be required in order to secure the contact details of a specific nanny. This will only be spent when the nanny also agrees to the introduction.

Catroon image of a family hoping to find a nanny

Families Profile Boost

If, as a family, your search for a nanny is urgent, you will be able to boost the prominence of your profile within the site.

Plus, for a weekly fee, your search will also feature in promoted positions within the site and across our social channels.

Boosting your profile will not change the matching process, but it will mean that more nannies will see your search.

Cartoon image of Nanny

Nannies Profile Boost

If, as a nanny, you are urgently looking for a new employer, you will be able to boost your profile within the site and across our social channels.

For a weekly fee, your profile will sit in promoted positions on the search lists, within the site and occasionally across our social channels.

Boosting your profile will not change the matching process but it will mean that more families will see your profile.

Opayo delivers secure payments to Army of Nannies

We’ve partnered with Opayo (Formely Sage Pay), the UK’s most reliable payment provider, to manage our payments process.

Secured by Opayo

Are Army of Nannies site transactions safe?

Yes. Our transactions are managed by Opayo, who have strong security along with the highest level PCI DSS certificate.

Does Army of Nannies hold my card information?

No. Opayo is our payment process partner. They manage all transactions so every element falls within their rigorous and well-established security protocol.

Is it free to create profile on Army of Nannies?

Yes, it’s free for families and nannies to create a profile. Families only pay when they want an introduction to a specific nanny, or when a family or nanny want to boost their profiles if their search is urgent.

What prices do you charge for Intro Tokens and boosting profiles?

We are launching with a free service. When we have a full understanding of how our first customers use the site, we will then announce and launch our pricing plan.

Create your free profile to start taking advantage of Army of Nannies’ friendly matching technologies.


Benefits for families

Receive tailored match lists of nannies that meet your specific search criteria.

Manage the entire process through an easy to use personalised dashboard.

Better matches, happier families and nannies.

Benefits for Nannies

The service is free for nannies to use, unless you choose to boost your profile when looking for employment urgently.

Get matched to families who fit your search criteria and who need you!

When you have completed your free profile you can download a complimentary, professionally designed CV, generated from the information you’ve shared in your profile.

Manage your entire search process through an easy-to-use, personalised dashboard.

To start your search, sign up and create your free profile and then we’ll find matches that work for you.