Our pricing

It’s free for everyone to create a profile and to build shortlists of contacts.

Families only pay when they are ready to message a jointly approved nanny.  Prices start from as little as £6 – all prices quoted include VAT.

And if a family search is urgent, they can boost their search with a localised, AoN managed ad campaign.

Our chargeable services are:

Catroon image of a family hoping to find a nanny

Families Connecting with Nannies

When a family wants to contact a nanny, they need to become a full member.

The full membership options are:
– £15 for 7 days
– £60 for 30 days
– £75 for unlimited full membership

If you’re not ready for full membership, you can pay £6 to contact a single, jointly approved nanny who you can message as many times as you like.

Catroon image of a family hoping to find a nanny

Families Can Profile Boost

If you need to find a nanny quickly, families can boost their search:

A boosted search benefits from its own social ad campaign and secures the most prominent positions within match lists.

A one-week boost = £12
A two-week boost = £20
NB: Boosting a search does not alter the matching process.

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Free For Nannies

Our site is free for nannies.

In the future, if a nanny’s search is urgent, they will be able to boost their profile within the site and across our social channels.

This feature will only be launched if our nannies demand it.
Please feedback on our Facebook page @armyofnannies if you would like this service added.

Stripe delivers secure payments for Army of Nannies

We’ve partnered with Stripe, the UK’s leading and most reliable online payment provider, to manage our payments process.

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Are Army of Nannies site transactions safe?

Yes. Our transactions are managed by Stripe, which has very strong security.

As a PCI Service Provider Level 1, Stripe offers the highest possible level of payment processing security. ☑ Stripe is encrypted. This ensures the security and integrity of information by encrypting all credit and debit card numbers. In short, Stripe exceeds the industry standards.

Does Army of Nannies hold my card information?

No. Stripe is our payment process partner. They manage all transactions so every transactional element falls within their rigorous and well-established online security protocols – please see the question above for more details.

Is it free to create profile on Army of Nannies?

Yes, it’s free for families and nannies to create a search profile. Families only pay when they want to connect to nannies, or when a family wants to boost an urgent search.

What prices do you charge?

We are free for nannies.

Families can pay for full membership which unlocks messaging with any connections made.

At first purchase, there are three options: (All prices quoted inc VAT)

£15 for 7 days full membership
£60 for 25 days full membership
And £75 for unlimited full membership with your search.

And if required, special rates for top-up packages of days thereafter.

Families can also pay £6 (VAT inc.) to secure the details of a single, jointly approved nanny who they can message as many times as they like.

Families can also boost an urgent search with a bespoke ad campaign for either £12 (for a week or £20 for two weeks.

Create your free profile to view your matches today.

Let’s make matches.

Benefits for families

Receive tailored match lists of nannies that meet your specific search criteria.

Manage the entire process through an easy to use personalised dashboard.

View detailed nanny profiles and see how well they match your search
– Invite the Nannies you are of most interest into your interview process.
– Accept or decline nannies that show interest in your role.

Better matches, happier families and nannies.

Benefits for nannies

The service is free for nannies.

Get matched to families who fit your search criteria and who need you!

Manage your the process through an easy-to-use, personalised dashboard.

Shortlist the roles of most interest. And review invitations to connect from searching families.

To get matched, sign up and create your free profile and then we’ll find matches that work for you.