NannySitting is new and only from Army of Nannies.

And it’s all offered alongside our full and part-time nanny-finding services. Families pay one membership fee to access both services.

What is NannySitting?

NannySitters™ are professional nannies, with childcare experience, who are willing to devote some of their spare time towards paid for, ad hoc childcare opportunities, or NannySitting.

If you already have an Army of Nannies account, you just need to activate Nannysitting from your Dashboard.

Connecting Families & NannySitters™

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Create your bespoke NannySitter™ search

Like our nanny finding services, families must create a NannySitting search request. It takes about two minutes.

Nannies with AoN profiles need to flick a switch on their AON dashboard to show they are available for NannySitting opportunities.

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Shortlist the profiles of interest

We then instantly show the best matches. Families and NannySitters™ then invite connections.

Once an invite is accepted – and if the family has a member status – both parties can contact each other directly.

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Appoint your favourite NannySitters™

When connected, conduct interviews and checks and then book the NannySitter™ directly.

Over time, we hope you’ll create a network of local childcarers you can call on directly. And if they’re not free, start a new search to top up your local list of NannySitters™.

What does it cost to search? 

It’s free for nannies and families to search on the site.

Families only have to make a payment when they want to secure the contact details of jointly approved nannies across both Nanny Finding and NannySitting searches.

Prices start from as little as £6 to secure the contact details of a single jointly approved NannySitter™ up to £65 for a whole year of unrestricted access.  And there are a couple of options in between.

How do I pay my NannySitter? 

When finalising the appointment, you will have agreed on the time of sitting and the level of pay with the NannySitter™.

At this point, you should also agree on how the direct payment is to be made.

Safety first

Our platform introduces you to nannies on our site.  You’ll be able to view and approve their full nanny profiles.   The majority of nannies on our site are looking for full & part-time positions, so they share a lot of information.

Before making an appointment, we strongly recommend you check and view all documentation to validate childcare certificates, accreditations, and the nanny’s ID.

To support that, we have created a checklist we ask you to follow to ensure the highest level of safeguarding.

Ready to start your search?

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