Family Checklist to Appointing a New Nanny

Published by Matt Mason,

Family Checklist to Appointing a New Nanny

The road to appointing a new nanny or NannySitter has a few challenges, but they are easily managed. Doing the basics right at the beginning may help your new working relationship get off to the strongest start possible.

If you’re here, you’ve likely done the interviews. The potential nanny may have met the children they’ll be caring for. And they’ve probably seen your home – their future place of work (hopefully).   

Now it’s getting serious: this could be THE ONE.  But what next?

The critical questions before appointing a new nanny

We’ve designed a handy checklist for families that presents some key points that should be considered before appointing a new nanny.

It takes just a couple of minutes.  And you can repeat it until you have a full house of green ticks against everything you value before appointing a new nanny.

The survey considers three categories of questions:

Section one:  ID & Employment

In this section, we give you the top pointers on ID verification, the right to work and the nanny’s ability to work in childcare (enhanced DBS). 

Section 2:  Career History

Here, we prompt you to consider the CV and references. They’re essential when appointing a new nanny.

“A reference is only a reference if it’s checked

Section 3:  Qualifications & Accreditations

Much like references, you need to check that everything a nanny claims to have in place is backed up by certificates and paperwork.   

This is important

You are inviting a relative stranger to care for the most precious members of your family.  And a little due diligence before appointing a new nanny will go a long way to making sure your next nanny is the right nanny for you.

Nannies will expect and welcome this level of consideration. 

In fact, if you don’t ask these questions, many professional nannies will be concerned.  By asking the right questions you are signalling to a nanny your strengths as an employer, and the consideration you are giving to the position.

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