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We help nannies find full-time, part-time, short-term and NannySitting roles with the right families.

We match you to live family childcare searches and you choose which families to connect with.  With AoN, it’s your search in your hands.

How it works

First, you need to create your profile.

We then match you to families who are searching for childcare.

We show matches, you make connections

We allow nannies and families to search on more criteria to help them make stronger connections.

Your personalised dashboard will show you vacancies that best fit your skill-set, personality and credentials.

Own your search

You are in control; review the vacancies we have matched you with and if you decide to shortlist the role, we then invite the family to review your profile and connect with you.  It’s all in your hands.

Always free for nannies

Our service is completely free for nannies.

No hidden fees, tie-ins or commissions.  What you charge is what you get paid.

NannySitting – only on Army of Nannies

NannySitting is babysitting from nannies.  It’s ideal for nannies who want to top up weekly hours or when inbetween roles.

Nannies with AoN profiles simply need to show, from their dashboard, that they are available for NannySitting opportunities.  It’s a simple flick of a switch on the dashboard.

We then instantly match you to local families who need ad hoc childcare from a nanny.  Nannies just have to shortlist the roles of interest to invite a connection.

UK Nanny’s Best Agency of the Year ’22 Finalist

We are delighted to have made it through to the finals at this year’s UK Nanny Awards 2022 in the Best Nanny Agency category.

What’s more, we’re the only online agency on the list which makes it extra special!

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Nanny Alicia

I’ve used Army of Nannies for the first time, and it’s been really useful.

I found a job very quickly, and also the staff were very helpful at all times.

Nanny Fran

I’ve loved using the Army of Nannies website.

I got matched to a selection of families and then found my next role. And I found the site really easy to use.

I also got my questions answered quickly by the team. Thank you.