Back to School and Work With Nannies’ Help

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Back to School and Work With Nannies’ Help

September is always a big month: It marks the end of summer hols and back to school.  And for many little ‘uns, it’s the start of a new school or first time at a school.  These are often anxious times – but especially so this year.

Helpful Article:  We’re hearing that families and nannies are struggling to help their children positively embrace the new school year.  We found this article from and thought it helpful for families and caregivers.

And back to school AND work, we go

And if that wasn’t enough, September’s symbolism seems even more of a challenge for families this year. The gradual shift and encouragement to go from home to office working.

However much we enjoyed homeworking, there are practical and emotional reasons that will lead to many of us commuting again. 

Getting The Right Advice: We will always point out our members to either the NHS or Government sites for COVID-19 safety advice. 

What does this mean for childcare?

There’s potentially a big overlooked reality as we go back to school and work. COVID restrictions have badly hit childcare services. Up to now, homeworking parents has papered over the childcare cracks.  But the ability for parents to get back to an office will be severely hampered by the availability of reliable and professional childcare. 

Sign saying Sorry we're closed - the childcare reality as many get back to school and work

And if our productivity is to start to recover, childcare will be an essential support to families and businesses.  Indeed, we’re hearing that many companies are insisting that, even when homeworking, parents have childcare in place.

New World Nannies care for children and support families

We feel the role of the nanny has never been more critical. Expert childcare that also helps families be more productive.  Nannies will play a key role in assisting families to get back to school and work.

And families that previously dismissed the idea of a nanny (likely through cost) are taking another look. Nannies are now potentially one of the few remaining viable childcare options.  And the role is also quickly changing and adapting to the new world.

The many roles of the New World Nanny

Today, nannies function far beyond the traditional template of one full-time nanny committed to one family.  The role is adapting to be more flexible and cost-effective.  While at the same time, sustaining the professional, caring relationship they have with their charges.

New technologies helping nannies and families work smart together

New technologies are proving to be a real enabler in helping both nannies and families secure professional, cost-effective, workable childcare.  And as such, it’s changing the very nature of the role.

Part-time nannies – reducing total cost

Increasingly, we are seeing families asking for help at different times across weekdays and weekends. With the sum of that help only reaching two/three/four days a week.  Traditionally, not an attractive proposition to a full-time nanny.

However, smart scheduling tools help nannies put together part-time contracts that can dovetail. Nannies that would never have considered a part-time position are now beginning to see how it can be more achievable with dual roles.

With Army of Nannies:  Nannies can do more than one search on Army of Nannies, helping them secure complementary part-time positions to form a fulltime work schedule

Nanny Shares – spreading the cost

We thoroughly explore nanny share with this blog.  But the headlines from it are that with vital planning and communication on all fronts, families and nannies can make this work. They are spreading the cost of a nanny across two families.

With Army of Nannies:  If families get together and design a nanny share position, one of the families can take the lead and find a nanny that works for both families. 

More flexible work solutions need great communication

There are so many fantastic communication platforms – we always recommend WhatsApp, but there are lots of others – that make it so easy for a family and nanny to keep in touch. 

The Whatsapp logo - a great tool for working in harmony

If a nanny knows there’s a scheduling issue ahead, they are much more likely to be able to manage it the earlier they are aware of it.

Nannies have networks too

Another trend we are seeing is that of nannies forming networks of childcare support.  Nannies know nannies.  And can often manage scheduling gaps or demands for flexibility if given enough time to plan.  Increasingly, they are being given the ability to make occasional, agreed childcare decisions on behalf of the family.

Nannies using their netowrks to get back to school and work

Top Tip:  Think of this as a ‘bench’ of previously approved and vetted nannies that your principle nanny is allowed to draw from when met by scheduling challenges.

Working from home is here to stay

While being persuaded to get back to school and work, the future will likely see more homeworking for many families as well.  Companies have learnt that their teams can operate more remotely.

And that means nanny’s professional workplace (the family home) now becomes the professional workplace for at least two adults.

Having parents working from home does come with additional considerations, and we invite you to read this blog which explores harmonious working at home

Working in Harmony Twitter banner showing a cartoon family in a home

Army of Nannies supports New World Nannying

We’ve touched on just a couple of the trends we are currently seeing that are helping families get back to school and work.  And we’re committed to supporting both families and nannies – through our matching technologies – establish modern working practices in the new world. 

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Things have changed, and now we’ve all got to catch up and help nannies, families and businesses get back to work and work even more effectively and efficiently together.

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