Kids Collab and Army of Nannies buddy up

Published by Matt Mason,

Kids Collab and Army of Nannies buddy up

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Kids Collab. They are an online community that gets kids aged 3-6 outdoors, active and engaging in real-life experiences.

The Kids Collab Mission

We are on a mission to empower parents, nannies and caregivers.

And we do this by sharing the knowledge and resources to grow a child’s physical development and well-being.

Think of Kids Collab as your child’s health buddy and motivator.

By joining the online community, you get access to our monthly programmes. These include various resources focused on the well-being of children ages 3-6.

How it works

Our digital online platform hosts weekly tasks and activities. They develop gross and fine motor skills, healthy habit-building, acts of kindness and nature play.

Developed in conjunction with leading childcare and healthcare professionals. Together, we provide you with a range of age-appropriate, knowledge-based content.

Join the Community

Kids Collab Benefits List

The Kids Collab platform is a wonderful way for families, nannies and carers to introduce daily activities.

And they allow children to engage in real-life experiences and relationship-building.

From healthy eating to connecting with nature, we know kids (and adults) love our activities.

Sign up today and get a one-month free trial

Join the community and get access to an array of interactive monthly programmes. They all encourage physical development and healthy habit-building. And the activities can take place in your home environment.

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The AoN Diversity Reading Room

You may also like our AoN Diversity Room if you love Kids Collab.

It’s an online library that presents children’s books that engage, entertain and embrace diversity.

If you’ve got a children’s book to suggest for the reading, please head to our Facebook page and make your recommendation in the comments.

The AoN Diveristy Reading Room
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