KidsArt! Bringing Art to Littles Ones

Published by Matt Mason,

KidsArt! Bringing Art to Littles Ones

Recently, we’ve had the privilege of using Kidsart! artworks as the backdrops to our live nannying positions. And we LOVE THEM. So much so, we want to introduce KidsArt! to nannies and families in the hope that some little ones might get the chance to attend one of their studios (and create us some more AoN ad backdrops!).

Introducing KidsArt!

KidsArt! teaches art and art appreciation to children aged 4-12 at our ten studios across London and Hertfordshire – we began in 2011 with a mission to teach REAL art rather than arts and crafts and have never looked back!

Another kidsArt! artist

How it works

Children learn how to develop their creativity.  Things like how to do an observational drawing, use of perspective, and show a 3D object on flat paper.  And how to use colour to achieve mood and effect, we use a wide variety of media, gouache paint, watercolours, oil pastels, soft pastels (like chalks) clay, printing,  collage and much more!

We learn art history as we go, so participants build up knowledge and a love for art history.  And participants learn to recognise paintings by prominent and less known artists. 

KidsArt! mini-casestudy

Recently we have learnt about contemporary Canadian artist Sandra Silberzweig (below left), Surrealist Salvador Dali, American Modernist Georgia O’Keeffe,  Frida Kahlo-style cacti (Below middle), Impressionist Claude Monet and lots more! (Below right Monet’s Japanese Bridge using  clay)

Three kidsArt! artworks

Stepped lesson plans ensure that they are accessible to younger children while also providing a challenging learning experience for older children.  And we typically group classes into two age bands. 

But don’t take our word for it – see what our participants’ parents say!


Example of KidsArt! artwork

“Wow!!! What a difference three hours can make! I felt I must email you to thank you so much for what was by all accounts a fun, interesting, educational and inspirational 3 hours. My son, who hated, feared and loathed art, has come away from your session saying he now loves it. I cannot thank you enough – I am seriously overwhelmed!”

KidsArt! in action

“N has been attending Barbara’s KidsArt! classes since she was five. And now, at nearly ten years old, she still loves them. N gets to explore various artists and materials every week, and these change often. N has built up a fabulous portfolio of work; we can see an improvement in her art techniques. N is creative, and Barbara wonderfully guides her to achieve her full artistic potential. Most of all, N has fun and enjoys the weekly classes. Thank you, Barbara!”

Bring on your mini Picasso with KidsArt!

Kidsart! logo

Please do visit the kidsArt! website to find out more and to see when and where classes are running.

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