Learning Curve Group And Access to Free Training

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Learning Curve Group And Access to Free Training

Learning Curve Group’s vision is to transform lives through learning by offering accessible education. 

We share that vision. So, we have partnered with them to help nannies access free, high-quality online training to boost their careers.

Read on to find out more about Learning Curve Group and how to access their training.

A big hello from Learning Curve Group (LCG)

In June 2022, 8,820 nannies officially registered with Ofsted. But according to Statista, an estimated 58,400 nannies worked in the UK in 2023. Add to this the number of unregistered nannies in the UK, and it begs the question:

How do you stand out in the field of nannies?

Training Opportunities to help you stand out

We are education and training experts. In partnership with Army of Nannies, we want to provide nannies across the UK with valuable career growth and development opportunities. We want to help you stand out as families search for their perfect nanny.

We offer fully funded, high-quality childcare courses recognised by leading awarding bodies like NCFE and CACHE.

Learning Curve Group Partners

Learning Curve Group and professionalising nannying

With tens of thousands of nannies actively contributing to the childcare sector, it’s clear that the profession holds significance.  We are here to help debunk the myth that nannying is a casual job and help reinforce it as the professional career it is. 

To emphasise this, we believe continuous education and skills development is essential to ‘professionalise the nanny’.

Investing in your professional development

By enrolling, you can acquire and build the essential skills and knowledge, from procedures to safeguard children from abuse or neglect to securing first aid qualifications.

Like any other professional, nannies are at various career stages, and Learning Curve Group can meet your needs, whatever stage you’re at.

The courses typically take 7 to 12 weeks, based on a couple of study hours per week, and provide comprehensive training and support.

Accredited courses with Learning Curve Group

Once completed, you will gain a nationally recognised qualification accredited by NCFE or CACHE. Level 2 qualifications are GCSE-equivalent units, and Level 3 qualifications are equivalent to units at A Level.

The courses include crucial and evolving subjects within the childcare sector, addressing important issues that can benefit a diverse range of young people. Course topics include mental health, autism awareness, understanding domestic abuse, adverse childhood experiences and managing challenging behaviours.

Widening your portfolio of qualifications in diverse subjects related to childcare will open up more opportunities for you.  Ultimately, this increases your chances of getting work while broadening your skills.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

At Learning Curve Group, we recognise the importance of ongoing education in the fast-paced childcare industry. We want to provide nannies with accessible education that can boost their careers by staying updated with industry best practices while building a broader base of skills.

Furthermore, we want nannies across the UK to confidently and competently meet the demands of their roles with our accessible and high-quality training opportunities. 

It’s a no-brainer. Elevate your professional status and invest in yourself for free! 

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