Our Nanny Agencies and the Portal Approval Process

Published by Matt Mason,

Our Nanny Agencies and the Portal Approval Process

The Army of Nannies platform helps nannies connect with roles from families and nanny agencies.  And when working with a nanny agency, we are super selective about which ones we invite on the platform. 

We’re selective because we only want to present roles from trusted agencies that look after families and nannies.  So they have to earn their stripes!

Approved NannyAgeny Earning Their Stripes

The three principal checks that nanny agencies have to meet.  

Stripe 1:  Ethical and professional Nanny Agency operations

  • The agency has a well-presented website and an easy means for families and nannies to contact the agency during working hours
  • Nannies can readily secure access to training opportunities, be they in-house or provided by third parties – they actively encourage CPD.
  • eDBS checks are actively encouraged and supported (preferably on the update service)
  • Roles are shared in gross salary terms, and salary payments are supported by a PAYE partner or internal service 
  • The nanny agency has business insurance in place

Stripe 2:  Fair to both families and nannies

  • Positions are shared with salaries that are commensurate with the demands of the role
  • The nanny agency provides information that clearly outlines the roles’ responsibilities and requirements and the expectations of the family
  • The agency presents contracts that protect both the family and the nanny without an undue focus on either party  
  • They have a procedure in place to manage disputes
  • They have and enforce a policy that supports equal opportunities for nannies

And stripe 3: Reputational excellence

  • Agencies have client reviews and testimonials that demonstrate their strengths
  • Their social footprint is consistently positive and showcases the merits of their business
  • The agency participates in groups – such as the Nanny Agency Huddle – that encourage everyday learning and best business practice
  • NB:  If we’re in doubt of an agency’s reputation, we ask a panel of nannies for their point of view

Nanny Agencies earn their stripes through good practice

Once an agency has met these standards, they can join the platform and share roles with our nannies. 

A badge for nanny agencies earning their stripes. The AoN logo, three stripes and a banner stating approved agency.

And, if the agency chooses, they can display our approved badge on their site to show they have earned their Army of Nannies stripes.

We hope these checks make you confident in selecting roles from the excellent nanny agencies on our site.

A good match is a happy family and a happy nanny

Yes, families are paying for our services, but if we don’t look after nannies, we won’t make placements that work and last.  And we will only work with agencies that fairly represent both parties, and we’re proud to share those agencies with you. 

Many of the agencies on our site have been operating this way for a lot longer than we’ve been around.  We recognise them as excellent nanny agencies you should trust for the next step in your childcare career or your nanny search.   

A selection of nanny agencies on our platform

All exceed the standards outlined above. 

French Nanny Ageny Logo - an Army of Nannies

All of the team members at French Nanny Agency UK are former nannies. We understand how important it is to find the perfect position. We are here to guide you in making this happen!

The Wright Advice logo - members of the Army of Nannies Nanny-finding Agency Portal

We are WrightAdvice, a very friendly agency that likes to care for our nannies and work with them to find their perfect role. We welcome nannies with all levels of experience who are efficient and organised candidates and can offer excellent interpersonal skills.

Astrif and Flo Logo

Astrid & Flo is a small and personable nanny agency that gets to know all our wonderful candidates as well as we can. Furthermore, we are here not just to place you but for any help you may need along the way.

Arthurs House Logo

Arthur’s House: Finding childcare can be daunting, confusing and expensive. Families who come to Arthur’s House are looking for a valuable matching service that they know they can trust and is worth every penny.

The Nanny Circle Logo on a Pink background

The Nanny Circle: We work hard to find you the right family for the right nanny. We set up interviews at your convenience and support you through the appointment process.

Homebodies logo for the Agency Portal

Do you have what it takes to be a Homebodies nanny?

The most important quality we look for in a candidate is to have a genuine love and passion for childcare.

Real Nannies Logo for the Agency Portal that supports nanny agencies searching for nanniees.

Real Nannies is a small, friendly, nanny-run agency, so we know what it takes to be one.

Whatever your situation, we’re here to make your job search straightforward and enjoyable.

Nanny Agency Premier Home help company logo

We are a dynamic, proactive and experienced team spearheaded by women who know the market and are honest in our approach.

We provide a bespoke service and go above and beyond for our applicants and clients.

Extra Pear Logo - One of the AoN Approved Nanny Agencies

Extra Pear nannies deliver the very best care for your children. We focus on well-being and educational social development.

Our skills match nannies’ years of experience in childcare to your family’s unique needs and values.

Great Start Nannies Logo - and Approved Nanny Agency

Great Start Nannies is a London-based agency designed to provide experienced and vetted Maternity Nurses, Night Nannies, Holistic Sleep Coaches, and Breastfeeding Consultants to support you with your newborn.

The Rocket House Nanny Ageny Logo

The Rocket House team brings years of experience working with childcarers and families. We aim to go above and beyond and strive to support you throughout the process. Come and join our community!

Louenna's Nannies & mytamarin - and Approved Nanny Agency

Louenna’s Nannies and myTamarin have joined forces to offer London families a leading Nanny and Maternity Nurse agency, working with only the best nannies and experts. 

Let’s get searching.

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