A Guide to Progressing Connections on AoN

Published by Matt Mason,

A Guide to Progressing Connections on AoN

If you have roles showing on your Connections Made folder, you have successfully connected to a family (or agency) searching for a nanny.

Firstly, well done: The strength of your profile has resulted in someone identifying you as a potential nanny for a role.

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Make the first step count

Now we have to convert the interest in your profile into a first interview.

And your first contact with the family (or agency) is critical when progressing connections through the site. 

Remember, you’ve got one chance to make an excellent first impression, so make it count.

Making Connections:  The family is yet to join the site

If the search shows Payment Pending, the family has not joined the site YET. 

Payment Pending Ad Card when making Connections on Army of Nannies

Some families start a search but only take out a membership when they have a selection of nannies. 

What do I need to do?

Sit tight for now (but soon, we’ll add a ‘nudge feature’ – like the one in Invites Sent).

But you can message us from the Army of Nannies Facebook page or through the chat feature on the homepage.  And we will further encourage the family to sign up to unlock messaging.

Making Connections: The family is a member of the site

Messaging Unlocked Ad Card when making Connections on Army of Nannies

When the family (or agency) is a site member, you can message them directly.

What do I need to do?

You have two options:

Option 1:  Send an email
Option 2:  End an in-site message

NB: Sometimes families will write to you first, and that’s great.  But if you can get in there first, it puts you on the front foot and shows you to be proactive.

Top tip:  We always recommend both, but emailing is the most important of the two options.

What do I write?

This is all about making the best possible first impression.  So confidently introduce yourself and try to second guess the family’s (or agency’s) first question.  Also, make it clear the role you are referencing.

Recently, we saw a nanny reply like this, and we think it’s pretty perfect:


My name is [Your Name], and I connected with you on the site ArmyofNannies.com
I am very keen to find out more about the [Full or part-time or NannySitting] role in [Insert location] caring for [Insert children’s ages].

I am attaching my CV for you to review. 
[You could also attach any certificates or references]

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you in the hope we can schedule a call or video conference in order to progress the opportunity.

Thank you, and kind regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Mobile Number

Keep your communications positive and respond quickly to emails and in-site messages.

The family is likely talking to other nannies, so make your comms shine and rise to the top.

Good luck – you got this!

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