The Advantages to Nanny’s Little One Coming to Work

Published by Matt Mason,

The Advantages to Nanny’s Little One Coming to Work

Nanny’s little one joining them at work is a hot topic right now. With nursery places like hens’ teeth, nannies with children are struggling to find childcare solutions around their work. And sometimes, that’s resulting in excellent nannies leaving the industry they love.

We’ve recently had quite a few nannies ask if they can take their little ones to work. Some families are open to this, but many close it down without much consideration.

It strikes me that there are more than a few advantages to this kind of arrangement.  So, here’s a blog post to explore some of the benefits to a nanny’s little one joining them at work.

Nanny's Little One and Nanny V

‘I know my little boy would bring even more to the work I do with families, but it’s so hard to find families that see that value.’

Nanny V and her little boy of 18 months (too cute!)

What better evidence of nanny’s childcare experience?

Of course, you don’t need to be a mum or dad to be a good nanny.  But equally, a nanny that is a parent has some great first-hand experience of growing up little ones. 

Nanny’s little one is a ready-made play partner

If you only have one child, then a nanny bringing along her child (or children) may make for a great playmate(s).  Every day will be a play date and a chance to socialise and develop alongside another child. 

It also broadens both children’s friendship circles.  They’ll have a regular friend that may come from a different nursery or school.    

A more experienced nanny for a little less cost

Often, nannies will discount their salary somewhat to share some of their savings on childcare.  So by being a little bit flexible, you’ll likely be securing a nanny with skills that may have been out of reach.

Some might argue that the discount in salary is because the nanny is not 100% focused on the family’s child.  But I don’t think this argument holds much value.  An experienced nanny can look after more than one child, and a second child doesn’t mean double the work.

Build a stronger bond with your nanny

Much of life is about give and take. And if you move a little to accommodate your nanny’s little one, you can be sure your nanny will move a whole lot more when you need a little flexibility. Minor accommodations like this grow the relationship and the loyalty between family and nanny.

That said, nanny’s little one has to fit in

Has this blog tipped you to consider a nanny with their child attending work? If yes, it’s advisable to arrange a playdate as part of the interview process.

Two children in childcare playing outside & Nanny's little one playing

Think about the age and the nature of the children.  As with any new interaction, you’ll likely get the measure of the relationship pretty quickly.   

That way, you’ll be confinement that nanny’s little one enhances your child’s day and overall happiness. And indeed, it works the other way around too.  But you can be sure little people generally find a way of playing well together. 

And if they have a few lumps and bumps along the way, don’t worry.  That’s life, and we all have to deal with little ups and downs every now and again.

Yet another dynamic to new world nannying to explore

So, if you come across a nanny’s profile and they have a child they’d like to bring to work, don’t dismiss it right away.  It might just bring some benefits to your family that you hadn’t considered.  And you’ll undoubtedly foster a closer relationship with the wonderful nanny your family comes to reply on.

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