The AoN Diversity Reading Room

Published by Matt Mason,

The AoN Diversity Reading Room

We have launched the Army of Nannies Diversity Reading Room.

It’s a simple idea – create an online space, for nannies and families, to showcases children’s books that celebrate diversity.

And all the books on the shelves are recommended by our community of nannies, families and little ones. And friends of Army of Nannies have picked some, just to get going!

Click here to visit the AoN Reading Room

How Does the Diversity Reading Room Work?

Reading Room visitors can browse the books on the shelves. And click on the covers to read the synopsis and choose whether to purchase with Waterstones.

We loosely arrange the books to consider reading ages; top-shelf for older children, and the bottom ones for little ones.

I wonder if anyone will click on the cat or the radio? (hint, hint)

How Does a Book Get on the Reading Room’ Shelves?

The rule is that every book on the shelves must have an aspect of diversity embedded within its core narrative.

And if our community recommend a book, we will review it, and if it meets the test, it will have every chance of getting listed.

Whether that’s race, gender or disability and more – providing the book’s of good enough quality and it presents diversity naturally and authentically – it stands every chance of making it to the shelf.

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Why Is This So Important?

There are three simple thoughts that underpin this activity:

  • All children should be able to see a reflection themselves in the books they read
  • All children should see a reflection of the world around them in books they read
  • Seeing diversity in children’s books – in all its forms – is just one of many influences that brings people together and helps to normalise difference

The AoN Diversity Reading Room is one of many projects that helps us to live our values around equality. You can read about them here.

Help Us Fill Our Shelves

An empty reading room shelf

The AoN Diversity Reading Room is a community space. We encourage our nannies, families and little ones to send us their recommendation on our social channels.

Please do remember yo post your book suggestions on our Facebook page @armyofnannies here under the tag #AoNReadingRoom

We very much look forward to building the AoN Reading Room with you.

Together, we can create a beautiful collection of children’s books that not only educate and entertain but also celebrate the world around us.

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