The AoN Facebook Groups You Can Access

Published by Matt Mason,

The AoN Facebook Groups You Can Access

You can access a growing suite of active and engaged Facebook groups with an active subscription to the Army of Nannies Agency Portal.

Below is a list of the main Facebook groups to support your searches or promote your brand to attract new families.

Remember, roles posted on the site will likely be featured in these groups and groups you can’t directly access – like our private nannies-only Facebook group and our AoN Facebook page.

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Find out more about how to join the Army of Nannies Agency Portal and what it will bring to your searches.

Here are the Facebook Groups Portal members can access

Banner for the Nanying in London Facebook Group

Nannying in London

This is the largest of the AoN Facebook groups and has good engagement.

Banner for the Nanny Network London Facebook Group

The Nanny Network in London

This Facebook group won the UK Nanny Award for Best Nanny Group, and it’s fast-growing and has high engagement, so it’s a great one to post to.

Banner for the NannySitting in London Facebook Group

Babysitting in London (UK) 

It is likely not of much interest to you unless you have a short-hours role or are helping a client with an ad hoc request. 

A Facebook Group banner for Nursery Workers, Childminders, Teaching Assistants and Nannies supported by Reed

Hello Nursery Workers, Childminders, Teaching Assistants & Nannies

This is a broader spectrum UK Facebook group (as it’s not just nannies), but it has growing engagement and is UK-wide.

Banner for the Live in Nanny Jobs UK Facebook Group

Live in Nanny Role (UK) 

A smaller group but UK-wide and high engagement – perfect for all live-in roles

Banner for the Childcare Netowrk Scotland Facebook Group

The Nanny  & Childcare Network Scotland

This is the strongest and most engaged group in Scotland.  So feel confident if you venture north of the border.

We do have other Facebook Groups

The other public Facebook groups we manage are smaller. But we WILL grow these over time, and you can post to them directly.

The Nanny & Childcare Network Oxfordshire
The Nanny Network Wales & South West England
The Nanny & Childcare Network Midlands & East of England
The Nanny & Childcare Network North of England
The Nanny & Childcare Network South of England

And this LinkedIn group for UK roles

Nanny Roles UK Banner for LinkedIn and nanny searches

LinkedIn’s role in nanny, family and agency searches is steadily growing.

You’re welcome to post to this group, which will grow over time.

We also run this Facebook group for agency owners and teams

The Nanny Agency Huddle UK Square Banner

The purpose of this private group is to bring together agency owners and team members to help and support each other.

You are welcome to join if you are an agency owner or team member.

Please help keep the groups en pointe

Keeping the Army of Nannies Facebook Groups En Point

Please help me keep the groups focused by reporting timewasters and inappropriate posts to the admins.  They will be removed for the benefit of all.

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