Nanny Search and Engaging a Nanny-Finding Platform

Published by Matt Mason,

Nanny Search and Engaging a Nanny-Finding Platform

When embarking on a nanny search, there are many options, including a nanny-finding platform.  Here’s a review of three of the most popular options and what they bring to your nanny search.

The three main types of resource aviable to families conducting a nanny search

Top of the tree:  A fully managed search with a traditional agency

There are some excellent traditional nanny agencies out there that will take your brief and offer you a fully managed service.  But it can be costly.  Traditional agencies can charge 10-15% of your nanny’s first year’s salary to support your nanny search.   

However, if you’re limited on time and have the funds available, this full-service approach will likely be your best option.

We have a suite of agencies we actively support, and we’d be happy to make a recommendation based on your location. Email to find out more.

The ‘go it alone’ approach:   A family conducts their nanny search without any additional support.

This approach can be viable if you have the time and know precisely what you want and what you should request, e.g. paediatric first-aid training, eDBS, references, etc.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all excellent community spaces that can support a nanny search.   And you will eventually find connections for the interview stage. 

However, with a direct connection, you will have to weed out the timewasters, and links can often be unreliable as they are not as accountable.

And you must both request and check the accreditations you expect your nanny to hold. Further down the blog is a checklist to help you form your search.

Top tip: A reference is only of value when it’s checked.

A Nanny Search blog banner suggesting there is another way to conduct a search

The ‘Self-Service Plus’ approach with our nanny-finding platform

Army of Nannies Logo

Army of Nannies is a bespoke nanny-finding platform that sits comfortably between ‘going it alone’ and a fully managed search by a traditional agency.  

If you have a little time to dedicate to your search, our platform is both a cost and time-effective approach. And, through the onboarding process, it will help you construct the search you need.

The benefits our nanny-finding platform will bring to your nanny search:

Your nanny search is always on (even when you’re not watching over it)

Social media sites work very much ‘in the moment’.  The newsfeed constantly pushes down your posts as new ones come in. 

With our nanny-finding platform, your search is always on and presented to a more qualified audience.  And nannies who meet your search criteria can access and engage with your search from within their dashboard anytime.  

You can search for specific criteria

We have a detailed 5-stage guided process to help you form your search request.

Some of the criteria that are covered in an Army of Nannies Nanny-finding platform

Do you need a French-speaking, pet-friendly nanny with an enhanced DBS who reads music and has a driving licence?

No problem. 

You can set those criteria, and we’ll match precisely against them.  And, when a nanny invites a connection, you can readily see if the nanny meets all of your family’s search requirements.

You can invite connections and receive invitations to connect

On our nanny-finding platform, you’ll instantly receive match suggestions.  And if you like the look of a profile, you can invite a connection.  Equally, nannies will ask you to connect.  And if you accept – and have a membership in place – you can message them directly.

Your nanny search will reach more nannies

Beyond the matches we make within the dashboard, we can promote your search across our social groups with a reach of 70k+.  And across a broad selection of other nanny-finding groups.

We can even run a paid-for localised campaign if you select the Boost Your Search option from the dashboard. And unlike going directly through social platforms, all applicants are filtered through our site first.

We help you make better connections

Not only will you see where an applicant fits your search criteria, but you can also benefit from online ID Verification through Yoti.  And you’ll be able to access resources to help you make a confident appointment, for example:

Homepage Icon for the Army of Nannies Childcare Checklist

Our Checklist for Appointing a New Nanny is a helpful step-by-step guide to the key documents you should review before confirming any appointment.

Welcoming a new nanny square banner

Our Welcoming a New Nanny post offers an onboarding sequence that you can adapt to your specific needs.  

Your details are protected as your contacts are filtered

Unlike searching directly on social sites, a nanny can’t see your contact details until you join the site and there’s joint approval on both sides

You’re not on your own!

We’re here to help and support your search every step of the way.  We are an online nanny-finding platform, but we strive to bring in a human touch. 

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a review from just one of our happy families:

Army of Nannies 5-star google review for our nanny-finding platform

The best website, great communication, super easy to use, can post adverts immediately with great profiles to view – and have even had phone conversations with the owner who I can not thank enough for their time when help was in need!  Huge thank you to Army of Nannies

Family Bella

Are you ready to start your search?

We’re ready when you are. 

Remember, you only need to join the site when you have made connections you want to contact.   However, an Early Bird offer presents three months of membership for £65.

If this offer isn’t for you, a suite of membership options is available that you can review on our pricing page.

A wordmap showing the types of roles covered by Army of Nannies for families conducting a nanny search on our nanny-finding platform

And we cover all types of searches:  Full-time, part-time and temporary contracts. 

We also offer NannySitting™, where our nannies make themselves available for ad hoc roles (like babysitting but from nannies).

Let’s get searching (together)!

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